Our Mission

Purple Kindness is dedicated to enriching the lives of the special needs community. We strive to positively impact as many people as we can. We do this by granting scholarships, improving schools, and creating opportunities for those within the special needs community

Meet Our Founders

Lawson Ross
Lawson RossPresident/Co-Founder
Lawson is the current president and one of the co-founders of Purple Kindness. He is currently a business student at the University of South Carolina with a major in Marketing and Management/Entrepreneurship. Lawson is dedicated and driven to improving Purple Kindness and reaching as many people as possible
JD Ross
JD RossCo-Founder
JD is one of the founding members of Purple Kindness. He graduated from The University of South Carolina with a masters in business administration. He used his experience in business to help create Purple Kindness. JD is always looking for new opportunities to grow purple kindness.